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3 Tips to Choose a Reliable Sofa Upholstery Provider In Singapore

Are you new to sofa upholstery services, and in need of one? We have 3 tips that can help you to choose a reliable sofa upholstery provider in Singapore.

1.    One stop service, no extra charges

A reliable sofa upholstery provider in Singapore will implement a, “One stop service, no extra charges”, rule. This is important for new customers to take note of as extra services charges should never be applied before purchasing a service. This means: free quotation and answer, free delivery, free installation and free measurement of the sofa. Only extra charges that should apply would be the customization that you apply to it – fabrics, extra customization to the upholstery sofa, and repair maintenance of the sofa. If a sofa upholstery provider charges as above mentioned, the service engaged is not worth the investment.

2.    Quality fabrics used for sofa upholstery services

The fabrics used for sofa upholstery services would be enough to show their reliability as a sofa upholstery provider. A reliable sofa upholstery provider would only use quality fabrics that would not only make old sofa looks brand new, but also use fabrics that can maintain the sofa quality for another 5 years. Additionally, to test how reliable a sofa upholstery provider is; look out for the information given during a “q&a” session.

A reliable sofa upholstery provider will inform a client the difference between solid wood frames and a composite board sofa. This information is enough to inform customers the difference between these two sofa quality and why upholstery is important than buying a new sofa.

3.    Experience

A reliable sofa upholstery provider in Singapore comes with experience. A sofa upholstery provider with over 30 years of service should be reliable enough to cater to your upholstery service. The experience that a sofa upholstery provider has will reflect on the quality of work produced. As a first time person engaging in sofa upholstery service, you would want someone with experience to do it rather than someone who just started in the business.

The difference between a start-up and a veteran in sofa upholstery will be enough to show you the fabrics and work provided at the end of the day. Thus, it is wiser to engage in an experienced sofa upholstery provider rather than a newbie.

These 3 tips cover financial, security and quality. With these 3 covered, it is enough for new customers to make a wise decision when it comes to engaging a reliable sofa upholstery provider.

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