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Upholstery Fabric Singapore

2 Different Upholstery Fabric Used Commonly In Singapore

Often, when we buy sofas; as customers, we are more attracted to how attractive the sofa pattern or design is that we fail to see there’s 2 different sofa upholstery fabrics which is mainly used in sofa. The two different fabrics are: natural and synthetic.

Natural fibres are fabrics that are made of cotton, linen, leather, wool,and silk. While, synthetic fibres are fabrics that are made out of faux leather, chenille, acrylic, and micro fibre. The difference between these two fabrics is not based on what it is made of, but rather how these fabrics react to the environment.

Natural fibres are fabrics that are best used to regulate body temperature. It is possible for the fabric to regulate body temperature as the fabric breathes and absorb moisture from skin. Hence, providing even warmth and body temperature. Additionally, natural fibre fabrics are renewable, and decay at end of life. Although it is great for long term use, it is not cheap and is not pet-friendly. Most of the fabrics that come from natural fibre: leather, cotton, linen, wool, silk cannot withstand a pet’s claw mark. Natural fibre fabrics are luxurious yet are not durable for the long run. Thus, families with kids and pets tend to think twice about it when it comes to stains and sharp objects’ marks.

On the other hand, synthetic fibre fabric does not regulate body temperate, but it is a good fabric to use if pet-friendly and easy stain removal are your top priorities. Synthetic fibres imitate most natural fabrics but are more durable, while still maintaining the luxurious look. For example, faux leather is a popular sofa upholstery choice for customers who wouldn’t want to risk getting a leather sofa clawed in less than 2 weeks. That said, faux leather looks just like leather and more durable, less expensive and kinder to animals!

At the end of the day, it is up to the customer’s preference to choose between natural or synthetic fibre fabrics for their sofa upholstery. Natural and synthetic fabrics differ in terms of temperature regulation. However, both look luxurious yet the durability and price sets both fabrics apart. Thus, customers should always be wise on what they purchased before making a decision on sofa upholstery service of their choice. 

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