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Sofa Upholstery Singapore

Cheap & Quality Upholstery Repair Services In Singapore

Are you on a budget, yet in need of a cheap and quality upholstery service in Singapore? Look no more, Jia Xing, has got you covered with its cheap and quality upholstery services! At Jia Xing, we believe in, “one stop service, no extra charges!” This means, we don’t charge for any measurement, quotation, installation and delivery. We only charge according to the customization needs, and this usually varies on the type of fabric chosen and the customization requirement needed for the upholstery repair services.

At Jia Xing, we have gone through 30 years of handicraft art experience, innovation capability as well as modern management concept. We are known for being reputable for our services, and have over 1000 samples of both fabric and leather for you to choose. Not only do we have a wide range of fabric choices, but our price is affordable and our quality is guaranteed.

before and after sofa upholstery service

For new customers, we would give a brief introduction on the history of how sofas have been manufactured over the years, and why upholstery is important especially if your sofa is made from composite board. Before customers make a choice, we would recommend them to look at the value of their old sofa. If buying a new solid wood sofa would cost a lot while the composite board sofa cannot meet their requirement. Reupholstery would be the right way to satisfy your budget and the cost difference would be the same as buying another composite board sofa.

Then onwards, customers will be guide through to choose from our wide variety of fabrics that are mainly divided into two categories: natural and synthetic. It is important for us to ask the customers on what are their priorities when it comes to sofa, and the knowledge they gained will further help them in making the right choice. For example, if pet-friendly environment is what they are going for – we would recommend synthetic fiber fabric as the choice of upholstery fabric. This is because synthetic fiber fabrics are not only cheap, and looks the same as the original leather, but it is durable; especially to claws from pets.

before and after chair reupholstery

With this knowledge in hand, customer would not only make wise choice in choosing their fabric, but also able to understand sofa upholstery services better. If the customer still refuses to engage in our upholstery service provider, we wouldn’t charge anything for it as we believe in free “Q&A”. Additionally, apart from sofa upholstery services, we also provide other services such as installation of bed head board, curtain and blinds, carpet and wallpaper and raw material trading.

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