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Jia Xing offers sofa, chair & vehicle seat reupholstery service, which is taking off the none-elastic padding, old covering or cushioning and replace it with new materials. Sofa and chair are the most common that needs to be reupholstered, as sitting on a hard surface can be quite uncomfortable, especially when you have to sit on it for a long time. Reupholstery can be done to other furniture as well, from footstools to headboards, and more. Simply let Jia Xing know, you will get back a beautiful and custom furniture without paying new-furniture prices.

Why Reupholstery

According to our company research, most of the sofas manufactured in the past years are using solid wood as their frame. Due to the chemical treatment, these solid wood frames can last for 10 - 30 years without affected by the external environment and termite. But nowadays, imported sofas are using composite board which is made of wood dust. Although composite board is cheap, lighter and also treated with chemicals, they are actually soft and not waterproof. A normal solid wood sofa can last for 10 - 30 years. While, on the other hand, composite board sofa can only last for 1-3 years. The outlook of a new composite board sofa may look better than your old sofa, but there is a huge difference in the comfort and design and also the internal materials. What we recommended is to look at the value of your old sofa. Buying a new solid wood sofa will cost you a lot while the composite board sofa cannot meet your requirement. Reupholstery is the right way to satisfy your family and the cost is more about the same as buying a composite board sofa, more variety of materials to satisfy your design.

Simply call Jia Xing and repair it. We have than 1000 sample to let you customize your sofa cover and cushion. Our service staffs have more than 30-year of sofa handcraft experience and skills. Quality is our first priority. Your sofa will return home with a bright new look or even better than a new piece.

Our hope

To make a solid wood sofa will consume a 30 - 100 years old tree. In order to save the planet and improve our living environment quality, Jia Xing has taken action. Customers not only save money by repairing the sofa and also they can choose an eco-friendly way to furnish their houses. So instead of buying a new solid wood sofa, why not just repair your old ones. Even composite board sofa consumes a certain amount of woods. Choose to go green, why not?

Experts at Work

Some of our team was part of MediaCorp's Variety Show 'DIY My Home' in December 2008 with Vivian Lai and Mark Lee.

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Some of our team at work at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Sri Lanka Embassy Office.


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